Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 ONE 625

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The Stereo Hybrid's sleek frame is full of clever touches to make our popular, Bosch-powered trail explorer better than ever. The Modular Battery System tucks the Bosch battery out of sight, and out of the way of dust and water. Internal cable routing isn't just neat, it also means there are no cable holes in the head tube. The refined four-bar suspension system keeps you isolated from trail shocks for ride-all-day comfort, and the whole lot is wrapped in our Comfort Geometry – with a stiffness-enhancing Boost 148 rear end and 1.5in head tube – for easy handling, plus SizeSplit makes it simple for every rider to find their perfect match. We even made it simple to add accessories like mudguards, a luggage carrier and a kickstand. It's ready for pretty much anything. Are you?


DRIVE UNITBosch Drive Unit Performance CX
BATTERYPowerTube 625
DISPLAYPurion 2 - Integrated display

HPA, High Performance Aluminium
FORKRockShox Recon Air RL, eMTB Approved, 120mm
SHOCKR Suntour XCR34 Air
BRAKE SYSTEMMagura MT Thirty, Front 4-Pistons
REAR DERAILLEURShimano Cues RD-U6000-GS, 10-Speed
WEIGHT25,3 kg

You'll barely notice the Reaction Hybrid's high-capacity Bosch Powertube battery and sophisticated, fourth-generation CX motor, so sleek is its frame design. But you'll definitely notice the power. Our Agile Ride Geometry and 1.5in head tube deliver impeccable handling, wherever you ride. Internally routed cables reduce maintenance and keep gear shifts clean and precise. A trapeze option means there's a Reaction Hybrid to suit everyone, and the Allroad version adds a full complement of practical accessories so your weekend bike can be your everyday bike, too. There's even routing for a stealth dropper post upgrade, so your Reaction Hybrid can stay with you as your riding skills develop. 

29 inch is THE trend of the last few years, which was able to assert itself completely. Initially viewed critically by mountain bike purists and equipped with some teething troubles, the bike industry has recognized the trend and made it the new standard through continuous improvements. The advantage of the 29" tyres is the enormous running smoothness, which brings great advantages and saves power on long tours as well as uphill and downhill. Obstacles are easier to overcome due to the larger circumference of the wheels, and a greater distance is covered by turning the bottom bracket. By improvements and adjustments in the frame construction and the component selection, initial problems with the agility in the Trail and the optics of smaller frames were optimally balanced. Whether fully or hardtail, a 29 will take you far away.

Strong support
The Drive Unit Performance CX is the “monster” of the motors. The maximum torque of 85 Nm guarantees maximum fun on the trails in the Dolomites. The new structure is 50% more compact and weighs only 2.9 kg.

Maximum control:
The new eMTB support guarantees progressive engine support in any situation. The pedal stroke automatically adjusts to the individual driving mode. This new mode acts like the automatic transmission of a car, without having to change gear. The eMountain biker can thus enjoy significantly improved traction.

Direct power transmission
Full power at all times: the engine guarantees maximum transmission from the start and also provides constant power over a very wide range of pedaling frequencies and is therefore perfect for intermediate sprints and sudden changes of speed.

Minimum pedal resistance
The new construction reduces peda resistance in the event of an engine off and speeds above 25 km / h and you have a pedaling feeling without resistance.

Compact structure
Small and light: with a weight of only 2.9 kg eMountainbikers can drive more agile and more managea

Robust and reliable
Ideal for mountain trails: the engine meets the most challenging needs of eMountain biking and also withstands extreme stresses. Ideal for long routes in the mountains.

Perfect support
The new engine offers maximum support even in extreme conditions. The optimal construction does not overheat the engine, ensuring maximum thrust at all times. Ideal on mountain terrain: with the eMTB mode, Bosch offers eMountain bikers a perfect combination for climbs and the most demanding mountain routes.

85 Nm Maximum Momentum 
Powerful acceleration despite compact size.

340% Maximum Support 
For powerful acceleration, an extremely sporty riding style and fast sprints.

25 km/h Drive Unit
Sustained support up to 25 km/h.
No overheating even on long uphill routes.

Thanks to 5 different levels of support you can choose the best engine assistance according to the terrain and your needs.

Support at maximum power, even at the highest pedaling frequencies for the sporty setting

Powerful and sensitive support for any terrain, both for a sporting trend and for rapid movement on the roads

Continuous support for those who want to ride long distances

Effective assistance with maximum efficiency for extraordinary autonomy

Engine off, zero assistance. All functions of the on-board computer can be called up
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