The snow leopard perfectly embodies the values and characteristics of DYNAFIT, which is why we chose it as our logo. In its natural habitat, the highest mountains in the world, these felines move fast, elegant and silent, the ideal model for those who practice endurance sports. Their skills are unachievable: they can jump more than 12 m when stationary. Their exceptional endurance, incredible acceleration and very high speed are due to a perfect weight to performance ratio. In very deep snow, on steep slopes or very high peaks their legs do not sink or slip.

DYNAFIT has been committed to protecting this endangered species since 2007.

DYNAFIT is a brand created by athletes for athletes. We are 100% dedicated to endurance mountain sports, and our goal is to create high-performance products to bring athletes closer to their Mountopia, 365 days a year.

DYNAFIT is a brand aimed at mountaineering enthusiasts, which has set itself the goal of equipping enthusiastic ski mountaineers in winter and runners in summer with the most innovative, lightweight and high-quality products. Lightness, speed, performance and technology are the parameters that DYNAFIT has internalized and characterize every process and every product. Mountaineering is a high-performance sport, and DYNAFIT is dedicated to it with all its soul. Our mission is to fortify the mountaineer with our products, and to prepare him or her perfectly for the demanding challenges that the mountain offers.


This is why fabrics and materials are chosen, tested and processed with care. In close collaboration with professional athletes and experienced ski mountaineers, the products are continuously improved, tested down to the last detail and only then approved by our product managers. DYNAFIT makes no compromises - the products must withstand the most extreme conditions. Especially in expeditions and running, the athlete must be able to rely 100% on his materials. The challenge is to create the lightest yet most reliable material, the best for the intended use. The art of "letting go" is a priority for DYNAFIT, and all products are created under the motto "make a product out of a little bit more than nothing". That's why DYNAFIT is a highly technical brand that focuses on the essentials from all points of view. We guarantee to always be one step ahead and to fulfill the wishes of mountaineers both in winter and summer.

The secret of our success is that all the people who work for DYNAFIT live DYNAFIT. All employees, from retailers to brand managers, are 100% dedicated to mountaineering, and can be regarded as genuine brand ambassadors. Thus the spirit and passion for ski mountaineering and running in the mountains are expressed 365 days a year.
As a leading company in the ski mountaineering industry, DYNAFIT considers it a mission to continue to spread the passion for mountaineering in the future and to enrich the sport with innovative products. In particular, we want to support and encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly mountaineering infrastructure to leave consumers speechless.